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BrightLux LED-Why choose Us
BrightLux LED-Why choose Us

BRIGHTLUX LED Lights & Solar Systems are Premium grade

BrightLux LED Lights

  • BrightLux LED Chips only come from best-in-class brands like Bridgelux, Cree, etc…
  • BrightLux LED Drivers are from top-quality & CE- approved brands like Meanwell
  • BrightLux pool of Suppliers are all ISO-certified, profesionally managed & adhere to international standards of quality

BrightLux Solar Power System

  • BrightLux Solar Power Systems Components (solar panel, inverter, mounting brackets & cables) are from reputable brands
  • Brightlux’s qualified team of installers  can guarantee good & proper installation to ensure 100% system performance  & safety



BRIGHTLUX Provides Excellent Service & Customer Support


  • BrightLux commits 36 hrs response time & 72 hrs repair time
  • 25 years  in business means BrightLux will stand by its service & warranty commitments
  • BrightLux is a trusted & reliable company attested by years of continued patronage of its Class A clients